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Resourceful small enterprises, innovative high value businesses, agriculture and tourism form Devon’s diverse and dynamic economy. Devon’s employment rate is higher than the UK average and the county has a culture of enterprise and resourcefulness. But average wages and productivity are low and skill shortages present a barrier to growth in some parts of the county.

Can you? We will: By working together:
Support children to do well at school? Work with others to ensure young people have a quality education, good skills and opportunities More young people will lead fulfilling and productive lives
Help others to improve their knowledge and skills? Support a thriving and resilient business sector More people will find employment, including those furthest from work
Shop locally and support local businesses? Plan for growth and promote investment in Devon There will be more new jobs and business start ups, particularly in key knowledge sectors
Consider running a small enterprise to meet local needs? Support social enterprise and make sure people who need support have a good range of choice New ways of providing services at lower cost will flourish
Reduce waste, recycle and reuse? Manage waste efficiently and promote renewable energy A great deal of money will be saved and Devon’s energy needs will be reduced