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We want to make our online information available to all, whatever their needs. If you have any difficulties or find an area of the website particularly hard to use, please email or telephone 01392 382437.

Our website aims to achieve a minimum of WGAC 2.1 AA compliance for accessibility as this is currently the recommended minimum standard for websites. The Devon Audit Partnership website is designed with this in mind and we’re constantly working to try to make content as accessible as possible. Our accessibility guidelines go further to try and ensure we are supporting those visiting our sites using assistive technologies or have a disability that may make viewing a website more challenging.

While we’ve tried to ensure this site is accessible, you may encounter some limitations.

These are usually older PDF documents or external applications accessed from our web pages. We are constantly working to try and improve the accessibility standards in all areas. We pledge that we will try to provide documents in an accessible format where possible.

If you have any difficulties accessing any area of our website, please do get in touch by emailing or telephone 01392 382437. We’re happy to hear from you and your feedback will help us make our site better.

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We are a people based service that prides itself on our ability to listen to and engage with our clients. We offer a wide range of options for you to be able to contact the most relevant person to meet your needs.

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