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Job Density

Job Density is the number of jobs in an area divided by the resident working age population. It is used to show the supply of jobs to an area relative to its population size, with more jobs reflective of a growing economy. A job density of 1.00 equates to one job for every person of working age.

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Line graph shows the trends over time. Use the check boxes to change the date range and the geography filters to compare different areas. Right click the graph to show underlying data. Click to slide 2 for a map of Devon.

About the data

Job Density in Devon is 0.91, higher than all other authorities in the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership (Devon, Somerset, Plymouth, Torbay) area and 0.7 above the national average, indicative of a good supply of jobs. Over the last 10 years Devon has consistently had a greater job density than the national average, with an increase since 2011 following wider trends. Jobs relate to business and an increasing job density is reflected in the rising business count figures over the same period.