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Population statistics are produced by ONS and based on the most recent census with updates provided annually for births, deaths and net migration.

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Stacked area chart shows the population growth over time. Use the geography filter to add additional areas and the age and gender filters to narrow the data. Right click the graph to show underlying data. Click to slide 2 for a map of Devon.

About the data

The Devon population is older than the national average with 24.7% over the age of 65, compared to 18% nationally. Ageing faster than the national average, by 2031 it is expected that over 65s will compose 30% of all residents in Devon. This will put a strain on the health and care services and shift the tax burden onto the proportionally smaller working age group.

Devon is a popular place for retirees which generates demand within the local economy though can raise house prices beyond the earnings of younger residents. The older population helps to support our tourism and food and drink sectors which are bedrock sectors for the county.