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Engaging Devon – Strategy

2. What is ‘effective engagement’?

In this strategy, engagement means all the ways in which we enable people to give their views to influence and be involved in Council decisions, services, and performance checks.

To be useful to everyone involved and to make sure that views are shared, effective engagement requires good communication, trust and respect. When we engage, we are clear about why we are engaging, with whom and how, and what we expect to achieve. We will listen to, think about and act on the matters and views raised, communicating what we are going to do as a result – we call this a ‘You Said, We Did’ way of working.

To give local people and communities more influence and control over local services and to help develop a culture that supports equal opportunities for everyone to have their say and to be engaged, we will seek to adopt six values when we conduct engagement activity.

Source: Joint Engagement Strategy to Involve the people of Devon in Health and Social Care (Devon County Council and NHS Devon)

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