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You can buy a single ticket (one way) for any bus journey. Prices vary depending how far you travel, with fares starting from around a £1 for short journeys up to £7 or £8 for longer journeys. Single tickets are bought from the bus driver and can’t be purchased in advance.

If you are going to come back on the same day it’s cheaper to buy a day return ticket. Day returns are available at all times for most journeys. Again, the fare varies depending on the length of journey and the ticket can be bought from the driver.

There are normally no return fares available if you are not coming back the same day, so you will need to buy two single fares.

Remember, if you are travelling together as a family, or a group, it may be cheaper to buy a group day ticket than separate day returns. For example: two adults and three children, with one child aged 17, travelling from Sidmouth to Exeter would pay £24.50 for separate day returns. A Stagecoach group explorer ticket costs £15.40 and allows the use of all Stagecoach South West buses on that day.

Child off peak ‘add on’ ticket
This bargain £1 ticket can be bought by a full fare paying adult on any Stagecoach SouthWest bus service and mirrors the adult ticket – meaning if you hold a Day Explorer or Weekly Megarider Gold ticket your child can enjoy a day of unlimited travel for only £1. For full terms and conditions see Stagecoach SouthWest

*Please note that all fare information on this site is correct as of May 2016 but may be subject to change.