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If you can’t walk, cycle, use the bus or travel by train to work, there are still ways you can travel sustainably by car.rrcF0y14F1D5oPsVkTQuYcGUfgTQmy65QxH__sp0TdA,l9lX9xMJ5Ow85sSWuhj-38ZfOeDt9SY780PuAKb6jbQ

  • Consider signing up to Carshare Devon to find a car share partner to share a regular journey you make.
  • Use one of the three Park and Ride sites in Exeter to break up your journey.
  • Think about trying our Park and Cycle spaces in Exeter.
  • Join a car club to benefit from using a car without the need to own one.
  • Find out more about the benefits of motorcycling.
  • Learn about how you could make your driving style more eco-friendly by watching our eco driving film.