In June 2018, our ongoing commitment to providing a class leading service with a strong customer focus was reconfirmed with nationally recognised accreditation for Customer Service Excellence. Meeting the needs of customers is a key marker of our success and our Customer Engagement Strategy helps us monitor our progress better in this area.

Schools, May 2019

” The auditor was so friendly and understanding to the schools individual needs. Everything was clear and well set out so easy to follow and understand. The way the auditor went about the audit was great and she put staff at ease.  The audit has helped lead us in the right direction for areas we were weaker in. In difficult financial times for schools spending additional money on the audit service was a hard decision but well worth the money. I cannot not commend the auditor highly enough, she really changed the whole financial teams idea of ‘auditors’.”

Culture, May 2019

“The pre-audit consultation was thorough and transparent. It was clear what was coming and what was needed. The audit provided clear evidence of issues which were easy to understand and use to build a case for change.”

Schools, May 2019

We couldn’t have asked for a better service.

Home Office praise DAP counter fraud staff

I wanted to thank you for making contact with us regarding the concerns surrounding **** when **** made an application for Housing support. This enabled us to act upon the information provided to locate **** and **** who were both known to the Home Office and were not complying with restrictions placed upon them. As a result of us visiting the address and speaking to them we have now re initiated contact with them which will help the Home Office progress their case.

From the information provided we have been able to serve the landlord with a potential civil penalty for renting the room out to **** and ****. We have also been able to serve a potential fine on **** employer for employing a person with no right to work in the UK. This fine can be up to £20,000. All of the evidence we collected has now been submitted to our Civil penalties team who will now review it all and consider whether civil penalties will be issued. It is refreshing to see such cross-agency collaboration.

Schools, April 2019

We have a good working relationship with the Auditor and continuity with Auditor helps with the efficiency of the audit and our experience. The audit gives the Governors confidence in the financial management of the school and supports SFVS.

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Feedback and suggestions

We trust that the services we provide meet the needs of you and your organisation. A minimum level of audit is required under legislation and many areas of work we cover are governed by legislation and Codes of Practice. Within those constraints we are happy to consider suggestions which our clients may have relating to the services we provide. If you have any feedback or suggestions please let us know. Give us full details of your suggestion and the perceived advantages and benefits.

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