Enforcement and monitoring

If you do want to report a breach of planning control you must be prepared to include your name and address. We ask that you provide as much information as possible, including:

  • your name, address and contact details – your details will be kept confidential
  • the precise location where the suspected breach of planning control is taking place
  • how long the suspected breach has been taking place
  • details of the person(s) responsible for the breach, if known
  • any planning history you may be aware of

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In all but the most exceptional (high priority) cases, the planning officers are unable to investigate alleged breaches of planning control from anonymous sources. If, during the course of investigation, the contact details of a complainant are found to be false, in most circumstances, the investigation will cease.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, we will not disclose any information relating to the identity of a complainant. However, as any occupiers of land or buildings close to the breach of planning control will usually be the most affected, it is possible that an individual subject of an investigation will make their own assumptions as to who may have brought the matter to our attention.

We must ensure that quarries and waste sites operate to the highest environmental standards. Each site is regularly visited and the monitoring of any permission that we have granted takes place, ensuring compliance with the planning consent and conditions. This also applies to consent for the County’s own developments.

We can serve notices to stop unauthorised works, waste or minerals development or against those who have deviated from approved conditions. If required, we can carry out appropriate legal action.

For more information see our Local Enforcement and Monitoring Plan.

We encourage the reporting of suspected breaches of planning control. As development can gain immunity from enforcement action over time, it is important that any suspected breaches are reported as soon as possible in order that harmful development can be removed or minimised.