Devon Waste Plan

Since 2010 we have been preparing the Devon Waste Plan. The role of the Devon Waste Plan is to establish the overarching principles and policy direction for waste planning in Devon, it also identifies strategic sites for energy recovery across the County and a series of planning policies for making decisions on planning applications. The Plan covers the period to 2031.

The Devon Waste Plan was adopted in December 2014 and can be found here along with the associated documents:

Examination of the Devon Waste Plan

The Inspector’s Report was received following the examination hearings in July 2014 and consultation on the proposed modifications in September 2014. The Report concluded that subject to the modifications he recommended, the Devon Waste Plan is sound and legally compliant, providing an appropriate basis for waste planning in Devon.

The following documents were submitted for examination and as evidence:

Submission Documents

Examination Documents

We have all documents used and produced for the preparation of the Devon Waste Plan, if you require a specific document please email