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Share this space

The initiative

Devon County Council’s Share This Space initiative encourages all highway users to be polite, courteous and take responsibility for their actions on roads and paths.

Please see some of our most frequently asked questions.

As part of the initiative we have introduced clear and simple signs for shared paths to remind people that they may need to share the space with walkers, dog walkers, cyclists, families, wheelchair users and, on some paths, horse riders.

Top tips for everyone:

  • be considerate, polite and courteous
  • the paths are for everyone so think about others’ needs
  • unless signs state otherwise, all users have equal status and no single group has ‘right of way’
  • be aware of other users who may not see or hear you
  • make sure you can be seen, especially during the winter months
  • large groups may be unaware of others so make sure you stay alert to others around you
  • there are on-road sections on many of the trails so keep an eye out for motorised traffic.

Top tips for cyclists:

  • ride at a sensible speed which is appropriate for the conditions
  • be prepared to slow or stop when necessary
  • bikes are quiet so let people know your coming by ringing your bell
  • pass people slowly and give them plenty of space
  • take extra care when around vulnerable people – the elderly, those with disabilities, children, dogs etc.
  • take care near road junctions and make sure your’re visible to other road users
  • when cycling with children ride behind them
  • make sure you’re visible, particularly in the winter months.

Top tips for dog walkers:

  • keep your dog under close control on a short lead
  • consider those who are wary or nervous around dogs
  • always clean up after your dog.

Top tips for drivers:

  • be aware of people joining on-road sections who may be walking, cycling or horse riding
  • drive carefully and slowly and be prepared to stop
  • be aware of children and older people who may not have seen or heard you
  • only overtake if you can do safely and give plenty of space as you pass.


Many incidents and collisions are not reported. You can record incidents through our customer service team and, ones you consider to be more serious, to the police.