Codes of conduct

The Grand Western Canal Country Park Ranger Service have two codes of conduct in place to encourage safe and considerate use of both the towpath and the canal channel by all Canal users:

  • Towpath code of conduct  – has been included in our Visitor information guide and is displayed in a poster format within all out notice boards along the towpath.
  • Waterway code of conduct  – has been published as a leaflet which will be given to all boaters and anglers when they buy their permits and as a poster that will be placed in several of the noticeboards along the towpath.

Please note

  • Both codes of conduct have been developed in partnership with groups and individuals representing the boating, angling and wildlife interests on the Canal and has been endorsed by the Canal’s Joint Advisory Committee.
  • Swimming is not permitted in the Canal.
  • Cyclist are required to dismount and walk under the majority of the Canal’s bridges. At most bridges it is impossible to see or hear if there is anyone approaching from the other side, and there have been a number of accidents and near misses in recent years.