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Our improvement plan

Children in care

There has been weak oversight of permanence planning in practice [what does this mean?], and our children in care have not been helped to understand their life stories.

Our aspiration:

When children can no longer remain with their birth families, we will ensure that they understand their life stories and know where they are going to be looked after until they are ready to live independently.

We want our children in care to know that they will be looked after for as long as they need, and as soon as they come into our care, we will start to work out the long-term plan for them so that you know where you will live and who with, throughout your childhood.​ We will know their story and capture it well so we can tell it to them when they need to hear it and in the ways that works best for them, as many times as they need.

What we need to improve:

  • Assessment of children in care who are placed with parents
  • Permanence planning for children
  • Quality and timeliness of life story work

How we will do it:

  • Adhere to statutory expectations for children placed with parents
  • Implement an approach to permanence from the start of a child’s care journey
  • Provide tools and training on good life story work

How we will know we’ve made a difference:

  • Every child in our care will have life story work and a permanence plan at 12 weeks
  • Children and young people in our care will know where they will live during their childhood
  • Children in our care will understand their life stories

If you are concerned that a child is being abused please call

0345 155 1071

or email

If it’s an emergency call 999


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